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Income in March:
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*30 000 - driver salaries
*70 000 - fuel and depreciation
Some stories of evacuated people
family story family story

Kopiyka family

Mother Zhenya
Daughter – Ulyana 1 year old
Son Gleb – 3 years old
Son Timur – 6 years old

This is a family from Zhytomyr. Social service is working with them; they live in a dormitory. We have been taking care of them for almost a year.
When the war started, Zhenya, the mother of the children, asked us to take them to the village, 1.5 hours from the city. But in the village, it became increasingly difficult to find food and medicine so they called us again and asked us to take them temporarily outside of Ukraine. We organized transport and brought them from the village to the Polish border, then our volunteer coordinated them over the phone, accompanying the entire process of crossing the border. We managed to negotiate with a volunteer from Germany to help them. A Polish volunteer took them from the border to a city in Germany, where they will live in safety for the time being.

When we arrived in Severodonetsk, we stopped near random house and a woman came out. She asked if it was possible to evacuate an old man. We said yes and helped him to get into the car. During the trip, we talked with him and learned that a week before the war, his son begged to leave, as he said that the war would begin soon. An old man didn't listen to him and decided to stay. The first week was more or less calm, but then serious shelling of the territory began, due to which his house was damaged. He was living in his house and was hiding in the shelter. 2 times a projectile fell near the house, knocking out doors and windows. The third projectile hit the house. He was on his way to the home when it happened, and he was knocked back by shock wave. Fortunately, he was not injured and is safe now.

family story

A lady called at night and begged us to help her family to get from Vinnitsa abroad. Her name is Tanya and she is mother of 3. She wanted her children to be in the safe place. A couple days ago our driver took them from Vinnitsa to the Polish border and now they are safe.

family story

A woman with a disability from the Lviv region turned to us for help. She lives alone in a house with no toilet (inside of the house), washing machine or heating. To keep herself warm, she turns on the gas stove. And in order to go to the toilet, she needs to go outside. The pension she receives on her card is useless. In the village where she lives, there is no ATM, and in shops there is no way to pay for purchases with a card. They also said in the stores that they were helping the military, so they couldn’t sell anything to her. We bought a basic set of products and various hygiene products for her and went to say hi. Her name is Lydia, she has lived all her life in Lviv, but recently moved to a small room in the village. She was very happy to chat with someone and get such necessary present. We hope to visit Lydia on her birthday - March 30th.

family story

Oksana and her son

The family left Kiev region and moved to Vinnitsa region during active hostilities. They needed to get to the Slovakian border - in Slovakia they have relatives who are ready to accept them.
The family was very worried and asked us a lot of questions, clarified all the details - at such a time it was scary to trust strangers. A couple of days ago we successfully picked them up from Vinnitsa region. Now Oksana is safe with her son.

family story


He spent 20 days in the basement. In total there were around 40 people who are in the basement, but in the end there were very few left - someone was lucky to escape, and someone was killed. Many who left the basement for food or humanitarian aid did not return. Now Vladimir has successfully left the war zone thanks to our help.

family story

Nikolay and Tatyana.

On the second day of the war (February 25), Tatyana underwent oncology surgery. They were discharged from the hospital earlier, because a large number of victims of shelling began to arrive. They had to remove stitches at home. But home was not the safest place out there. A rocket hit their house, but fortunately did not destroy their apartment.
Many neighbors died from shelling. Tatyana and Nikolai did not go down to the basement, because after the operation Tatyana could very easily get sick and die.
They called and asked for help. They want to go abroad so that Tatyana can receive the necessary assistance after the operation. We found transport for them, found a place where they would be get necessary medical help and where they would live. They are already on their way to Poland.

family story

Two boys - one is 14, the other is 4. They live in a remote village in the Zhytomyr region. Their parents have already been working in Poland for half a year, kids lived with their grandparents. They needed to get to Warsaw, to their parents. We helped the to get out of Zhytomyr region and bought them ticket for a bus to Warsaw. They are safe with their parents now.

family story

The family lived in a village and over that village planes were constantly flying. They had to hide in the basement, and it seemed that they were already living there. Therefore, it was decided to go abroad.
We managed to take out whole family (grandmother, 2 girls, one of the granddaughters has an autism spectrum and mother) to the mother's sister in Poland.

Vladimir is 84 years old and he lives in Cherkasy. He went to the train station to take the train every day. But they evacuated only women and children.
His daughter called us asking for help. We picked him up and brought him to Truskavets, the city where his daughter lives. Also together with Vladimir, we managed to evacuate a girl (22 years old) and a young couple, who also failed to leave on the evacuation train. There are thousands of people waiting to leave…

family story

Victor, 34 years old, has infantilism. He called us and asked to take him out of the Dnipro to Lviv. He works for an IT company and has unique pacemaker programming skills. Our driver, on his way out from Donetsk, picked up Viktor and took him to Lviv.
Together with Viktor, our driver picked up 17 other people (a child with Down syndrome, a child with diabetes and 2 pensioners) on his way back from Donetsk.

family story

10 people from Mirnograd

- 2 families
(Donetsk region)

A family of 7 people - a paralyzed grandmother (cannot move independently); grandfather; grandfather with a disability (cerebral palsy); a woman and a man (parents of four children). They can’t evacuate without man, because an old grandmother must be carried, she can’t walk by herself.
The families live in the city of Mirnograd (which is right next to Pokrovsk) a neighboring settlement where active hostilities are taking place, rocket attacks and shelling.
We took them to Znamyanka, where they rested. They were fed and placed in rooms. Then we take them to Rivne, where they will receive further help and support by our volunteers. One of the grandfathers with a disability remains with volunteers under supervision, as it is difficult for him to move.

family story

4 women and two children

A woman named Zhanna turned to us with a request to take her family to western Ukraine: her and her daughters, one of whom is pregnant (9th month) and has one child under 2 years old, a daughter and a daughter-in-law with a child. They need to leave because they have nothing to eat, they want to protect themselves and their children from the horrors of war, and also because one of the women is about to give birth.
It soon turned out that they had nowhere to go, since their relatives from Ivano-Frankivsk abandoned them, and rented out their house to someone else
We evacuate them from the village to Vinnitsa. In Vinnista they ate, rested and were delivered to the Polish border. They decided to go to our volunteer friends in Germany. They really want to return to Ukraine after the end of the war.

family story

A woman with a boy (2 years old)

They could not leave Dnipro for 2 weeks because of various reasons. They called us and asked for help, they said they were waiting for the evacuation. At first, they wanted to go to Poland to their relatives. But relatives stopped communicating with them and after some time said that they would not be able to host them. So we offered them another option – Spain. We have volunteers there who would help them with housing and everything else. They successfully crossed border with Poland, stayed there for couple days and now they are safe in Spain.

family story

Yuri, his wife and 2 granddaughters (10 and 12 years old)

We evacuated this family from Severodonetsk, where the active fighting took place. Our drivers, risking their own lives, took people out of the city under fire.
Their house was damaged, so they wanted to go somewhere safe.
The girls' parents do not live with them, and they are, frankly, not the best parents out there - they drink, and do not take care of their daughters. Grandparents take full care of the girls.
We found a family in Poland who was ready to provide their country house for them and we found different volunteers to help them everything else. They said yes and were super happy about such an amazing opportunity.
But on the way from Severodonetsk, they met an old man, Vladimir, who was going from Severodonetsk to his daughter in Chernivtsi. Vladimir invited Yuri’s family to join him. He talked to his daughter and found a place to stay for Yuri’s family.
Yuri and his family want to continue their friendship with Vladimir and want to stay in their native land. They just want roof over their heads and something to eat.

family story

Family from Kyiv

From the beginning of war until the beginning of March, the whole family (3 people and a dog) sat in the bathroom hiding from shelling. The boy, Alexei, has cerebral palsy and asthma, so hiding in a bomb shelter was not an option. Soon enough they managed to escape to their friends. But after sometime Alexei started having severe asthma attacks, so his mother decided that they need to go somewhere else. Aleksey's godmother lives in Holland and she invited them to come there. We helped them with transportation.

family story


Arthur has a rather complicated life. He was left without parents, and his grandmother handed him over to an orphanage. When Russia attacked Ukraine, his house was almost completely destroyed and he had no place to live. He contacted us and we helped him find temporary housing. We are also staying in touch with him in case he needs any kind of help.

family story
Large family from Kyiv (14 members)
  • Girl - 3 months old
  • 2 girls – 1 year old and 6 months old
  • Girl - 3 years old
  • Girl - 7 years old
  • 2 boys - both are 9 years old
  • Boy - 12 years old
  • Girl - 16 years old
  • Girl - 19 years old
  • 2 girls - 21 years old (with disabilities on wheelchairs)
  • And mother - 41 years old

Some of the families were forced to leave their lives behind and run away from war, but unfortunatelly it was not the end...

A large family from Kyiv turned to us for help - they had to be taken to Warsaw, where volunteers and coordinators were waiting for them and promised to take them to Sweden, where housing and all kinds of help were prepared.

Quite a long journey for such a huge family, and it was extremely difficult to think through all the logistical issues.

But, thanks God, we were able to build the most optimal route and, thanks to volunteers in Poland, found a bus that was ready to pick them up from the border and take them to Warsaw. As soon as possible we managed to organize car seats for all children!

In the evening the whole family successfully crossed the border and safely reached Warsaw, where they were supposed to be met by a coordinator and sent to Sweden.

But already at night we received a call from the same mother: “Hello, hey, we have a problem here... The coordinators who were supposed to take us to Sweden do not get in touch. It’s already night, we don’t know the language and the city… what should we do?”

Our entire team was up to organize overnight and transport for this family as quickly as possible. After a while, a warm bed and food were already waiting for them in the city of Otwock (30 minutes from Warsaw). We also managed to find volunteers who will gladly accept them in Finland.

Fortunately their coordinator made contact in the morning and successfully got them to Sweden where they now have everything for a happy new life.

The family is very grateful that at the most difficult moment we were able to help them and didn’t leave them one-on-one with trouble on the street in a foreign country.

family story
Woman (Lyuba) and her sons

(3 boys, two of them are 7 years old, one is 12) from the Slipychi, Zhytomyr region managed to board a train in the direction of Lviv, but at night, quite unexpectedly and without any kind of warning they were dropped off at the station in the city of Kovel, which is 200 km away from Lviv. Lyuba called us, explained the situation, and we found an accommodation for her family and in the morning we organized transport to Lviv and helped her get to the Polish border. Now they are in Warsaw with their relatives and incredibly grateful for the help she received from us.

family story

A mother called us with a four-year-old son in her arms. She needed to get from Rivne (city in Ukraine) to Poland. The problem was that in Poland she had no one to stay with, and her financial situation was ... well, not good.
We managed to found volunteers from Wroclaw (Poland) who agreed to help them. Our driver took the family to the Polish border, where they were picked up by volunteers and provided with accommodation for a long period of time.

family story
Large family from Kharkov

(boy 14 years old, girl 10 years old, girl 5 years old, 1.5 years old boy, mom and dad).
When the shelling of Kharkov began, this large family took the most necessary things and managed to escape to Lviv by train. Upon arrival in Lviv, they turned to us for help - they needed an overnight stay, as the children did not sleep for more than a day and a half. We found a place to rest and took them to the border in the morning.
At the border, unfortunately, the father was not let through because the two older children were from mother’s first marriage, and their biological father is still alive. The whole family had to go back to Lviv, and we helped them to find a longer stay in the city of Borislav (Lviv region) with everything they needed.
Now we are staying in touch with this family, helping with documents and custody of children so that they can go abroad.

Family from Kharkiv (2 women and 10 years old kid)

A little girl remained in Slavyansk - she is only 3 years old. The mother of this girl is participating in hostilities. In Slavyansk there was no one left who could look after the child and, truth be told, the city is not the safest place now.
The family successfully reached Ternopil, where our drivers met them and took to the Polish border. After 2 days, the mother of a little girl managed to take her 3-year-old child to Lviv by train. In Lviv, we organized an overnight stay for them and in the morning brought them to the border. From the Polish side, the aunt was waiting for the girl, because her mother couldn’t come with her baby - she had to return to Slavyansk to continue her military service.

Woman with diabetes

Irina has diabetes, the second group of disability, and every day she feels worse and worse. She wanted to go abroad because the city was running out of insulin and she couldn’t get medical care that she needed. But abroad, in Poland, she has no friends or acquaintances who could help with housing or finances.
We contacted volunteers in Poland about housing and assistance in Poland, found transportation for Irina (Zhytomyr - Lviv - Poland) and also gave her the contacts of volunteers who will help her in Poland.


On the third day of the war, a man called us and asked for help. The children of his friend in a village near Zhytomyr were left alone because... their mother died on the table and stayed there all day while the children hid in the basement (their village was shelled hard). Their neighbor urgently issued guardianship and was already ready to leave for Lviv to the person who contacted us. Our driver left in the evening to pick her up from the village in order to be in Lviv in the morning. The next evening they were all safe in Lviv.

Single mother with two children with disabilities

Before the war we took care of one family from a village near Zhytomyr (a single mother with two children with disabilities). Last fall we held a special charity fair, and all the funds that we made went to repair the roof of her house. With our help, this family has left for the border and is already in Poland.
Volunteers are waiting for them to provide all subsequent assistance and support they may need.

family story family story

Family of Antonina Ometsinskaya from Zhytomyr

Children age:
15 years old - girl Valya with a disability
13 years old - boy Lenya with a disability
Mom Tonya 45 years old with a disability

This family have a tough life. We been taking care of them for more than 5 years. The eldest daughter went to our club for teenagers.
From the very first day of the war, they were hiding in the basement. And after some time Antonina wrote to our volunteer with a simple request: “Help us to get out of this city”.
Our team found a bus from Zhytomyr and brought the family to the border, then our volunteer accompanied the entire process of crossing the border by telephone.

We talked with volunteers from Germany and asked them to help. A Polish volunteer met them at the border and took them to Seehausen.

family story family story

Family of Yulia Radziuk

Children age:
Girl - 7 years old
Boy - 3.5 years
Mother of children Julia, 25 years old

This family lives in difficult living conditions. Julia, called our volunteer with a request to take her out with the children. But everything was not so simple. She had to run away from home, as Yulia's father would not let them go and threaten them.
We helped them get to the border and accompanied them to their destination - Seehausen, where they are helped with documents and housing.

A woman with children with disability

This family wanted to flee from Dnipro abroad. Reasons are pretty obvious – war is getting closer to the city; Dnipro has already been bombed. They have already tried to leave by train many times, but with no luck. Too many people on the train station.
There is another reason why they have to leave – it’s the health of Alexandra (one of the daughters).

When Alexandra was 1, she got sick and suffered almost complete hearing loss. But thanks to the implant and a special external device now she can hear. A couple of days after war started the external device broke down. This little baby can’t hear again. Mom called dozens of organizations and companies – but no one can help her. The only place that promised to help is the organization in Krakow, Poland. We are helping them to get there safe.

Two students

One girl is from Slavyansk, the other is from Lugansk. Heavy fighting is occurring in both cities, so they had to leave.
Lyuba is a musician, plays the bandura. She begged to take the instrument with her. They managed to escape to Dnipro and stayed with friends, but they can’t stay with them for a long time. Lyuba called us and asked for help – they wanted to go somewhere safer. We helped them get to Lviv, where they stayed with relatives of one of the girls. They are thinking about moving to Poland - but they have no one to offer accommodation or help there. We are working in that direction, trying to find people to host these girls in Poland.

family story
A woman with her nephew

The woman's name is Lena.
They lived in the city of Krasnogorovka, not far from occupied Donetsk. People in the Donetsk region know about the war firsthand, it has been going on there for 8 years. They can tell by the sound of the rocket where it will fall. But despite the fact that Lena can no longer be surprised by shelling, she admits that the last couple of days have been very hot and dangerous.
In order to leave the city, you need to pass the so-called "Road of Life". This is a section of the road 5 kilometers long, which is under the control of snipers from the DPR (Donetsk People's Republic, separatists, supported by Russian goverment). You never know if they will shoot at you or not. Do not shoot - consider yourself lucky.
We helped them get to the safe place.

family story
Young lady with her grandmother.

Margarita and her grandmother Evgenia Konstantinovna lived in the Dnipro and stayed in the city to the last, despite the shelling. But when in a neighboring house windows were blown out from the explosion, they decided to leave the city.. They did not manage to leave on their own, so they waited for more than a week in order to get help. Evgenia Konstantinovna has a daughter in Kutaisi, Georgia, but the only way to get there is to go to Poland and wait for a flight from Katowice on March 19th.
We found a place to stay for them in Poland. We also arranged volunteers at the border and they will transfer Margarita and her grandmother to the place where they will stay..

family story
Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter.

This family is from Severodonetsk. Part of the family was in Kamianets-Podilskyi, and the grandmother, daughter and granddaughter were in Severodonetsk.
Since February 24, when the massive shelling of the city began, they hid in the bathrooms and hallways. When everything calmed down a bit, they were able to move to a quieter place. But after some time the Russians shelled the city again. It was so dangerous that they couldn’t leave the house. Miraculously, they managed to flee to Dnipro under shelling. They took the most important stuff with them - documents and 2 small handbags.
They had almost no money - something what’s left of their grandmother's pension on the card, and that's it.
We helped them to get from Dnipro to Lviv and also found them a place to stay in Lviv.
Recently they were reunited with their family in Kamianets-Podilskyi and now are planning to move together to their relatives in Czech Republic.

family story
A family from the Dnipro (husband, 3 children and pregnant wife)

The war forced many people to flee. This family, with a below average income, began to look for an opportunity to leave the city after heavy shelling. The family has found volunteers in Germany who can take them in. They turned to us for help to transfer them from Dnipro to Lviv and received the necessary help and support.

Mom and 2 children

Mom with 2 children - Sofia and Rostik flee from the Dnipro after shelling.
After first bombs mother wanted to leave with her children to a safer place. Her husband, unfortunately, did not share her desires. He accused her of running away and abandoning him altogether. After a huge fight, she managed to escape from the house. She contacted us and we helped her with transport from the Dnipro to her relatives in Mukachevo.

Woman and two little kids

Lena has two little kids and she was very afraid that without personal transport it would be very difficult to leave the city in case of Russian invasion on Cherkassy. Therefore, it was decided to buy bus tickets from Cherkasy to Lviv and go now. We stayed in touch and everything was under control, until… the bus driver (without any warning or explanation) changed the route and dropped people off far outside the city. We contacted the volunteer headquarters, which provided transport and drivers who have permission to travel during curfews and have a special pass at checkpoints. Lena safely reached Lviv.

family story
Mom with two kids

Kids are 11 and 7 years old. The older boy has brain cancer. They lived in Uman, but after intense hostilities, it was decided to leave the city. The oncology center where the older boy was treated was bombed, so he couldn’t get urgent medical care that he needed.
The boy needs an MRI of the brain and spinal cord, as well as a valve flush for chemotherapy. The family needs to get from Uman to the oncology center in Poznan, Poland. The oncology center in Poznan is ready to help them with everything they need. We took whole family to the Polish border, where our volunteers will meet them and help with transfer within the country, as well as provide them with an overnight stay.
Now we are helping with documents so the boy can receive quick and necessary assistance in Poland as soon as possible.

Mom and two sons

Yulia called us and asked for help – she and her two sons need to get to Poland. Her apartment was destroyed so she was ready to leave the city immediately.
We helped Yulia and her sons to get to Vinnytsia, then Ternopil, and then to Polish border. She has an aunt in Poland. After consultation Yulia revealed that her aunt has cancer, so she can’t stay with her for a long time. We talked to our partners in Germany and they would take care of Yulia’s family.

family story family story

Yuriy and his family

Yuriy and his family lived in Severodonetsk...until Russia shelled it. The man called us and asked for help. He needed to get his family somewhere safe. The situation in the city was extremely dangerous, but our drivers, risking their own lives, agreed to take Yuri's family and other people out.
For everyone we help to move out, we also find a temporary place to stay and food.

Lyuba and her mother

When they heard about explosions in a city nearby, Lyuba and her mother decided to leave Kazatin. They wanted to go abroad. The woman called us with this request, and we organized transport for them – from Kazatin through Ternopil to the Polish border. But at one of the stops, Lyuba's mother fell and injured her arm. She felt terrible pain and no one knew how serious the injury was, so they decided to go to the hospital. We contacted our driver and gave him addresses of the nearest trauma centers in Ternopil. After numerous attempts, he managed to find a place where the mother’s hand was examined and diagnosed. Fortunately, there was no fracture, which allowed them to successfully cross the border.